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Off in the distance, I heard a faint moaning of the unknown. Unsure of what evil may be lurking in the shadows of the darkness, my heart became filled with fear and loneliness.

5 Stars!! I’m a big fan of this author and since I’ve read all of her books, let me tell you something – 'Vicious' is her best book to date. Leigh outdid herself with this story of hate, love and obsession. The books style is fictional memoir so Chad does know who and what he is, but the narration is not there yet.

So he doesn't know and neither would you, if you haven't read the preceding books. As to "Grumpy curmudgeon" vs "Old-school stern", he treats him like a Very Senior Marine that he works with. Jul 17,  · This quote gave me a new perspective of what it is like to have depression.

People assume depression is about emotions: a person is sad; a person is down.

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But I’ve come to realize that depression is about disappearing. you become nothing.

Sinners like me memoir
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Monster Hunter Memoirs: Sinners by Larry Correia and John Ringo - Baen Books